Coffee: not quite a cure all, but as close as I can get.

Normally, when I need coffee, I'll make it at home. It's there, so I don't have to waste gas, and my mom practically has an I.V. drip of the stuff running through her arm, so we have plenty. Today, though, feels like one of those days worth driving up Richmond Hwy, pulling out my Starbucks gift card, and getting some over priced coffee that's either too bitter, or doesn't even taste like it's namesake.
Why? I don't know. Maybe it's because I have to redo all the invoicing today, plus enter in the rest that I didn't finish yesterday. Maybe it's so that I can avoid being in the house with dad (who is currently withdrawing from Adderall because they haven't refilled the scripts). Or maybe it's just a premonition that today could prove fatal for my mental state. I just don't know. What I do know is this: That icon is my representative while I'm doing invoicing.
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Christmas Rant -Sorry

It doesn't feel like Christmas for me. The only time it felt right listening to the music and watching the cartoons was when I was Rachel's house (love ya Rachel)

Mom wants to delay Christmas. When we were younger my family would start early like any family with young children. As the years went by it started later and later but that was ok because we were older. The year before last we didn't get to opening gifts until 10 that night and last year we actually delayed it a few days.
Don't get me wrong, the gifts are nice and all, but what I really want is for the family to be together. But we can't even pull that off any other day without arguing or someone being upset.
I understand that mom's in pain and what-not, but she's almost 50. Plenty old enough to understand her limits and to know that she needs to start doing things sooner if she wants them done on time.

With all this going on with mom, I can't even be in the same room with dad without him complaining or rolling his eyes or putting his finger to his head like he wants to shoot himself.
At least he wants to celebrate on the right day "even if it takes until midnight"

And that christmas eve/holliday thing we usually do? Nah. Dad's just gonna put out the food and whoever wants to show up can show up, so he's not inviting anyone. Theo's got his family and has to take his dog and his girlfriends dog, Crystal's only gonna be able to show up for a bit, and I don't know if my cousin Chris is gonna bother. I'll call up Rachel, but I don't know what we'll do.

Sorry. I know the last thing you want is to read a rant on Christmas eve. I wish I had happiness to post.
I think I'll put in the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas movie. Maybe that'll help.
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music withdrawal

I'm trying not to cry or panic or both. I can't find my iPod! I had it with me while getting things to the car for the baby shower, but now I can't find it! *whimper*
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Late Wedding (almost done)

I didn't get to posting the next part of the wedding, but basicly, we missed the wedding, stayed for the reception, and I took lots of pictures. I'm getting sick of looking at them but I don't want to post the really blurry ones and I don't think you guys want your friends page eaten by pictures. I took pictures of all the flowers in the garden so most of those will be posted in DeviantArt (DriftingTaintedSoul) some might be crossPosted. Whatever.
I'm sure there's some other stuff, but I really don't feel like it right now.
Pictures will be posted...eventually
Jaded Kenren

Day of the wedding (part 1)

After the 'rehersal' and dinner I came back to the room, watched CSI: Miami and Criminal Minds, munched on some junk food, and crashed around midnight. I actually slept thru the night (hadn't really slept the night before) and woke up around 8 (Rachel, I'm scared!) My second attempt at coffee faired better results, but I had to wander to the breakfast area to stock up on sugar packets. Why am I tired?
The rehersal wasn't. Plain and simple. It was more like skimming over what we were going to do, "you stand here, you stand here, the preacher will stand here, you walk down here". We did it twice and lingered until dinner. I was bored and out of my element. It wasn't even that I didn't know these people, but that I was older than the young and younger than the old. I was the only person in my age group and had no one to talk to. I was smiling out of politeness and the groom's mom said "you have a very lovely Mona Lisa Smile". I said thankyou and that's about it.
At least I know what I'm supposed to do now. One of the bridesmaids isn't there, so there are 3 guys and 2 chicks. I get to ninja myself behind them so that my dad won't be walking alone back down the isle.

Since my dad's going to be making a toast (he is the Best Man, after all) I'm gonna have to take my laptop to his room so he can try to find ideas for what to say. I, on the other hand, will be wrapping the wedding gift. I'll think of this as warmup for christmas package wrapping (Oh Joy! /sarcasum)
gaara sleep

At the hotel.

After a 9 hour car trip, three naps, 1 rest stop, who knows how much spacing out, I'm sitting here at a desk in my hotel room! King size bed, coffee maker (the coffee here sucks so I'll probably pick some up later), TV, free internet, microwave, fridge, iron, hair dryer. I'm as happy as I can be for not knowing what the rehersal has in store for me. I've been awake sinse 10 yesterday morning and I'm afraid if I take a nap I won't be able to wake up. I'm gonna go grab a vault from the vending machine before heading off to shower, because, ya know, 9 hours in a truck that my dad and Michael use for their work, it's kinda nasty. I swear I showered yesterday and my hair looks like I poured some crisco over it.
And just so you know, the radio here in south carolina kinda sucks. It's all country so far as I can tell. Yay iPod and YouTube...and my million other music players I have.

Wedding update

The wedding's on Saturday but we'll be leaving tomorrow around 5 or 6 in the morning. Can you say 9 hour road trip? I have everything packed except for what I'll be wearing tomorrow and a few other things. My dad got a suite with a connecting room so that's gonna be cool. If I get annoyed with him I can just close and lock the door XD. I doubt I'll sleep tomorrow night. I'm so comfortable on my futon, it's going to feel awkward sleeping on a actual bed.
Seem's I'll be taking part in the ceremony, so now I have to go to the rehersal instead of hangingout in the hotel room (boring -_- but at least we won't have to pay for dinner). I didn't find out until today. I don't even know what I'm supposed to be doing. Um, yea... thanks for the warning? What could I possibly be there for, flower girl? XP Dad said something about my part being at the end. This cat is curious.
Oh, I actually got a dress...and a purse...and shoes with heals O_o I'm gonna look like a girl! Freaky. I'll have people take pictures. If you're lucky, I might even post them.
Crap. I have to look for food again. *pout* I don't wanna be hungry. There's nothing to eat here.

I'll have internet too, I think, so I'm bringing my laptop with me.


My dad's going to be best man at a wedding (on the 27th) of an old family friend and he invited me to come with him. Normaly he'd ask mom, but we all know she'd just wait until last minuet to go AWOL. So I'm going instead, because really, nobody want's to be alone in a place where they barely know anybody.
I have one question though: What the bloody hell do you wear to a wedding? Any and all advice welcome.
(I almost wish I were a guy so I could just put on slacks, a button up shirt, and a tie.)

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